elimage(1)                         ELIMAGE                           elimage(1)

    Elimage: CLI Image Pastebin

    curl -F 'name=@/path/to/image' https://img.yoitsu.moe/

    or upload via your browser: 
DESCRIPTION Paste image files with command line. You can give -F more times to paste more images. EXAMPLES $ curl -F 'name=@screenshot.png' https://img.yoitsu.moe/ https://img.yoitsu.moe/97/2d8490849c8fab885218b478cc715ab0f3f4a9 URLS http://paste.edisonnotes.com/ A CLI code pastebin https://github.com/Vim-cn/elimage TOOLS elimage: script to quickly paste your images 24 Oct 2012 elimage(1)